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What I Would do Differently

December 19, 2009

We all know hindsight is 20/20. So, let’s take some of that hindsight and choose to do things a little differently “next” time.  I hope you can take some of my hindsight and use it to protect yourself. What would that be called? Futuresightprotect?

Anyway, if I had another child (husband emphatically says NO so this is purely an exercise to benefit all of you) I would be so much more relaxed. More relaxed about sleeping, his learning to sleep, how many minutes he ate, etc. Having the twins was so difficult just in learning how to physcially handle two the exact same age with the same needs at the same time. I think I would be so mellow and relaxed with my fourth. He (the only way I’d have another is if I knew it would only be one and that it would be a boy) would just sleep with me so as to prevent my own exhaustion, I would allow others to help me (here I insert a begging cry to you – let others help you!), I’d take naps, I’d allow my other three to watch a LITTLE tv and I’d fill out the help sheet I created every week. The help sheet is available in a separate post. I created it because I desperately needed something like this when the twins came and I happily and freely give it to you. I was just so stressed with the twins I surely could only be more relaxed the “next time.”

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